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The natural role of the male is that of the hunter. It is usually the guy who wants to go out and capture what he wants. He needs to feel the thrill of the pursuit. He needs to feel like he is attaining something. Yes, he needs to feel like he scored. How do you use that to your advantage? Is there something that you can do to go out and recapture someone who would rather be the one capturing instead of being captured? Yes, there is. Getting boyfriend back is going to cause you to trick the boyfriend back into thinking that he is pursuing you and capturing you.

You are going to have to use everything that you know about your ex boyfriend. You are going to have to know what he is interested in. You have to know what drives him and what makes him jump at opportunities. You may have to look very closely, though, because things may have changed. Pay close attention to what motivates him to act and then see if you can get and be those things that motivates him.

What this means is that you are going to be using yourself as bait in trying to land this big fish. The greatest draw that will help you in getting boyfriend back is going to be what you cause him to see in you. Become what it is that he wants you to be. Let him see that you are what he is looking for and can’t live without. That you are what he has to have and what he has to go after.

You have to be subtle taking this strategy. You can’t throw yourself down and say, “Here I am!” As attractive as you might be you may have just made yourself boring. What he needs to have is a chase. What you are going to do is cause him to imagine you. You have to give him just a bit of attention and a small piece of what it is that he wants to see and then take it away. Don’t take it too far away, remember ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Your goal is to make yourself just out of reach after making him want to reach out for you. Getting boyfriend back requires a bit of teasing but it is a great way for the hunter to get what they want.