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The most important thing to do to learn how to win ex back is to calm yourself down before all else. High emotions are not going to allow you to focus on learning how to win ex back. Instead, you are going to want to take a strategic angle to handling things. Drop the desperation and start thinking logically when determining how to win him or her back once and for all.

If you want to learn how to win ex back, you need to accept and agree with the split. This may seem hard to do but it is vitally important to rekindling things in the future. If your ex is against future contact, then letting him or her know that you are okay with the breakup may disarm this attack and make it easier for you to talk to him or her in the future. This is an important part of learning how to win an ex back.

The next step is simply to live your life. Go out, have fun and spend time with friends. This will show your ex that you are willing to move on. It is going to force your ex to realize how they really feel about you. If your relationship really is meant to be, your ex will realize it. If they do not realize it, then perhaps it is not actually meant to be. This is a pretty simple concept but still difficult for many people to completely grasp.

Now you are going to want to limit contact as part of learning how to win ex back, because limiting contact sends a psychological message to your ex boy or girlfriend, forcing them to deal with you outside of their normal day to day life.

If you force yourself down their throat, then they are not going to respond well to your presence in their lives. If you limit your contact with them, they will find themselves missing you, thinking about you and wondering how you are doing, and this will force them to come to terms with the future of your relationship.

Following The Magic Of Making Up System will help you learn how to win ex back. It may seem complicated at first because it is hard to avoid someone you care about, but these steps are absolutely vital in allowing things to be rekindled in the future. With patience and love, you can rekindle a relationship and learn how to win an ex back.